Cryptocurrencies and Bloomzed

We have managed to develop a better payment ecosystem, opening unlimited opportunities for businesses and individuals. Our Bloomzed service is a universal payment solution that can work with almost any currency thanks to an open API. It is time to improve existing solutions in the field of cryptocurrencies and provide all the broad opportunities of Bloomzed to cryptocurrency universe.

The problem of blockchain and cryptocurrency for ordinary citizens is the complexity of understanding this product. Projects that tried to simplify the concept of cryptocurrency, in most cases complicate the situation even more, describing the complex processes of performing transactions and operating with incomprehensible terms. But 99% of people who use bank payment cards do not know the operation features of this technology. They simply apply this tool in practice.

We plan to make an understandable and simple solution that allows ordinary people to intuitively use cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies as tools for payments, investing, transferring and storing of funds. The cryptocurrency wallet will be an addition to the general Bloomzed service. In order to access it, users do not have to memorize complex keys consisting of an infinite set of characters. We use the identifiers familiar to people, for example, the e-mail address or phone number, and we will protect it with two-level authentication using SMS and biometrics.

he complex technological base of the cryptocurrency universe will be hidden behind the clear and beautiful interface of Bloomzed, while preserving all its security, manufacturability and attractiveness. This will open the cryptocurrency universe for millions of people who previously feared complexity and avoided everything that concerned blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Our team will solve the problems not only of ordinary users, far from the cryptocurrency universe, but also of those people who use cryptocurrencies, but they cannot use these funds everywhere for making payments, because so far few sellers accept payment in cryptocurrency. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that in many countries cryptocurrencies are not recognized as a payment instrument, and sometimes even fall under the ban, which complicates and slows the connection of sales outlets to the cryptocurrency universe.

In addition to prohibitions and legal nuances on the part of the state, there are other difficulties preventing sales outlets from accepting payment in cryptocurrency. The most basic of such difficulties are:

• the difficulty of accepting payment in cryptocurrency, without having any special knowledge in this field;

• high risks related to the volatility of cryptocurrencies;

• more number of exchanges with different exchange rates, which frightens new inexperienced users;

• difficulties with displaying payments in cryptocurrency in conventional accounting systems, etc.

Token Generation Event (TGE) Bloomzed Crypto Club

• December 19 – 26, 2017 TGE Round 1 – 5 000 000 BZT
• January 17 – February 17, 2018 TGE Round 2 – 45 000 000 BZT

What is Token Generation Event Bloomzed Crypto Club?

This event is the primary generation and distribution of membership tokens among the participants of the Bloomzed project and members of Bloomzed Crypto Club. During the primary generation of tokens, the organizers of the project carry out the generation and distribution of tokens among the participants, organizers, partners, employees of the project and members of Bloomzed Crypto Club.

That's what the primary sale of BZT membership tokens, required to participate in Bloomzed Crypto Club is called. It consists of two rounds, the first of which will take place in December 19–26, 2017 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 5 mln BZT, whichever is earlier, the second will take place in January 17-17, 2018 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 mln BZT, whichever is earlier. In the future, attracting of new members of Bloomzed Crypto Club is planned to carry out by selling BZT through various cryptocurrency exchanges. This stage will start in the second quarter of 2018.

Any member of Bloomzed Crypto Club may leave the club at his own free will at any time by selling his membership BZT to other participants through the exchange or by returning them to the Bloomzed Company without charge. All club members can use their BZT tokens at his own free will and discretion: sell, transfer, return them, etc. But it should be borne in mind that, without BZT tokens, you will not be a member of the club, which automatically deprives you of all the opportunities and privileges (i.e. Bloomzed vouchers), available only for the participants of Bloomzed Crypto Club.

What is membership token BZT?

BZT or Bloomzed Token – a token that is a “ticket” into the private Bloomzed Crypto Club. After purchasing or receiving it, you can become a member of this club and get all relevant bonuses and benefits, the amount of which is determined by the number of BZT of a particular token owner.
Take into account that BZT is not a monetary or other material obligation of the company-holder, its partners and structural divisions. Membership token cannot be cashed for any cryptocurrency, electronic or fiat currency. The Bloomzed Company is not engaged in repurchasing of BZT.

In fact, a membership token is a tool that defines membership in the private club and allows to obtain relevant opportunities and privileges according to the rules of participation in Bloomzed Crypto Club. BZT payment is a membership fee to join the club and is not refundable.

Participating in the TGE Bloomzed Crypto Club, the user understands and fully accepts that the purchase of BZT gives the right to participate in the project as a member of Bloomzed Crypto Club. Money contributed for a BZT token is entrance fee, therefore is not refundable.

Distribution of BZT is carried out through smart-contract of standard ERC 20.

How many BZT tokens exist
and how are they distributed?

t is planned to issue 100 million BZT.
Distribution plan of membership tokens:

45 %
BZT will be distributed among the participants of the second round


5 %
BZT are distributed among the participants of the first round


15 %
BZT are saved in the long-term operating budget of our project; нашего проекта


20 %
BZT are distributed among the founders of the project, team members, advisors, partners, and early members


15 %
BZT are spent for grants, partnerships, marketing, bonuses and premiums given during the two rounds of TGE


All membership tokens, which will remain after the two rounds of TGE , and from the item 2, is scheduled to enroll in the long-term operating budget (item 3), which the organizers will use at their discretion.

TGE Bloomzed Crypto Club Bonus program

In the first round of TGE all participants, regardless of the date of entry into the club and purchase volume of BZT, will receive 50 % bonus.

In the first week of the second round the amount of bonuses depends on the date of entry into the club:

• the first – 25 %;
• the second – 20 %;
• the third – 15 %;
• the fourth – 10 %;
• the fifth – 7 %;
• the sixth and the seventh – 5 % of bonuses each.

On the eighth day of the second round of TGE bonuses are provided only for the volume. They are charged in the following amount:

• 3 000–5 000 of BZT tokens – 3 % of bonuses;
• 5 001–10 000 of BZT tokens – 5 % of bonuses;
• 10 001–15 000 of BZT tokens – 7 % of bonuses;
• from 15 001 of BZT tokens and more – 10 % of bonuses.

How much is BZT?
One membership token BZT is 0.002 Eth. The minimum threshold is 0.5 Eth (250 tokens), the maximum is limited only by the availability of the issued BZT.




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