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About Boomzed project

Bloomzed is a global financial network that connects people and business. An analogy of a “financial smartphone” which should eventually become a “personal financial assistant” for each participant in the system. Just as a smartphone contains many different devices (phone, camera, gaming apps, etc.), so Bloomzed has united several software solutions and services together related to payments, transfers, management of all types of electronic finance.


Over the past seven years, the project has been in its preparatory stage of development, forming a team of professionals in the field of economics, finance, banking, IT technology, business development, marketing, education and HR management.

In 2016, the integrated technological platform is set.

In 2018, the company conducted a TGE of US$ 2 million. Total issue of 100 million tokens (BZT). In August 2020 BZT exchanged to Bloomzed Loyalty Club Tickets (BLCT), based on the same smart-contract ERC20. BLCT serves as a “key” to its own MLM loyalty system within the Bloomzed platform. Over time, BLCT will become a full-fledged payment method in the Bloomzed system.

During this time, Bloomzed Loyalty Club was tested. More than 300 international specialists were involved to conduct research, to launch the project and create unique technological product based on the best contemporary solutions used in the world today.

In June 2018, the company received a license from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan giving official status of a payment system and electronic money operator. Today, BLCT is listed and traded on number of crypto exchanges of the world, such as Probit, P2PB2B, Coinsbit, Exrates, Latoken.


Bloomzed today is a combination of payment systems, electronic wallets, mobile banking systems, loyalty systems and e-commerce with the Artificial Intelligence and elements of machine learning applied. It includes 16 tools and more than 30 sorts of services for people relating to finance, and more than 20 services for businesses.

Bloomzed offers unique opportunities in the sphere of payment systems, cash transfers, insurance, accrediting, electronic commerce, online goods and services, automation and control of business, blockchain technology, and marketing tools.


For an individual - Bloomzed is a new-generation “Financial Smartphone”.It offers a range of digital services in a mobile app, including money transfer, e-money wallet, cryptocurrency wallet, virtual center for currency exchange, consolidated access to loyalty programs (combining of all discount cards, coupons and discount certificates in one application), access to credit facilities, the possibility of booking tickets, insurance, cashbacks, issuance of gift certificates, personal accountant and auto payments, etc. It is precisely to mention that the basic aspect is the provision of transaction security, achieved through our own processing center, security systems of emitting banks, MasterCard and Visa payment systems.

For a business - Bloomzed is an essential “Modern Barcode”.It offers coherent and universal solutions to numerous daily processes, such as quick payments for goods and services, centralized platform for trading operations, in-time remittance distribution to final beneficiary, CRM, the combination and permanent upgrade of all existing loyalty systems. Just like a barcode, Bloomzed acts as a digital conglomerate of all information and parameters pertaining to a financial task. Bloomzed does not limit itself to existing resolutions, instead permanently seeks tailor-made innovative solutions based on a business portfolio, its needs and sectors in-depth analysis.

Entrepreneurial approach and flexibility: Bloomzed focuses on creating new markets and seeks for innovations in an existing market, finds solutions in free niches, taking advantage of faster, easier in operations, and wider system scale

Constantly studying existing business models, the Bloomzed team offers new solutions based on the collection and analysis of user data, advanced business analysis and a deep understanding of customer needs.


Financial Aspect: Bloomzed creates the most favorable conditions for the prompt, large-scale and effective implementation of financial products using unique solutions in the field of savings, investment, spending, financing, insurance.

Social Aspect: by conducting daily financial transactions for a person, Bloomzed affects the improvement of the social climate, both at the level of the state, social groups, families, and each individual person. It provides an access to finance (to loans, savings, and to insurance) for all segments of the population, not only in large cities, but also in sites with no banking infrastructure.

Technological Aspect:

  1. The project fully complies with the requirements of a rapidly changing, technologically developing world;
  2. Made on the basis of the most relevant international software solutions;
  3. Allows fast and technological introduction and distribution of the new financial products.

Educational Aspect:

  1. Bloomzed can significantly increase the overall financial literacy of people, and significantly increase the supply and availability of financial products;
  2. A separate field of the project’s development is assistance in professional guidance for young children and promotion of programs to form a source of payment for further education.

BLCT - a token issued for the Bloomzed loyalty club of the software and hardware complex, included in the Bloomzed project structure. For the users of the system, it is a part of the universal Bloomzed project loyalty system aimed at stimulating interest in the project products and its partners. This direction of the project is focused on involving users in marketing activities conducted by the Bloomzed project and its partners to attract new participants to the project. For active participation and involvement, users receive a number of opportunities and privileges from the project and its partners (coupons, gift certificates, discounts, bonuses, cashbacks, etc.). This makes participation in the club useful and interesting for both users and partners of the Bloomzed project.

Bloomzed Loyalty Club includes two levels of membership:

The first  level is the open part of the Bloomzed Loyalty Club that includes all users of the Bloomzed system. Any user who installs the Bloomzed application on their mobile device becomes a member of the club and gets access to the loyalty tools, such as discounts, bonuses, cashbacks, gift certificate services, wallet with discount and bonus cards.

The second level is the closed part of the Bloomzed Loyalty Club, which includes only those users of the Bloomzed system who have uploaded 10 BLCT crypto tokens into the system. The participants of the closed part of the Bloomzed Loyalty Club get additional opportunities:
• Participation in diverse promotions and raffles from the Bloomzed project and collaborating organizations.
• Special conditions to get loan products from our partners.
• Special conditions for the purchase of insurance products from partner-companies.
• The possibility to receive special bonuses and discounts provided by partners only to members of the closed part of the club.
• And most importantly, they have access to a unique tool of the project’s loyalty system - the Bloomzed Referral Program.

Bloomzed referral program. The most interesting and unique tool of the Bloomzed loyalty club is the MLM product - a multi-level system of cash backs and bonuses. The principle of its work is that you enter the closed part of the Bloomzed loyalty club on its terms of participation. Next step is to invite your friends to start using the Bloomzed application. You will receive part of the cash backs and bonuses from the payments of each person you invite. The number of your invitees are unlimited. Cash backs and bonuses will be credited to you regardless of where the payment was made, most importantly, it is carried out through the Bloomzed system in partner networks, and the person is a member of the closed part of the Bloomzed loyalty club. The people you invited to join will also invite other friends, and they will invite their friends, etc. You will receive part of their cash backs and bonuses up to 5th level, included. It is important that any payments made through the Bloomzed system are all credited. In other words, people will not have to change their habits in terms of shops and places to spend, they will continue purchasing goods and services where they are used to and prefer.