Bloomzed Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomzed's High5 social challenge

What is this?

The High5 social movement is not based on fundraising, it is not a call for material assistance.This movement asks people of different age to join an interesting interactive social movement, alone or with family and friends, with those who are they isolated together at home. All you need is to share your virtual #High5 to five friends using gloves, hand image in a creative and fun way and post photo or video materials with hashtags on social networks and link to our web page or account.

What can I do?

• Take a video message or a photo and describe what can it give and how it can help.
• Share your post on social networks and/or on your official resources with hashtags.

What can I use for a post?

You should share your virtual hand - raising High5!, tag your 5 friends and challenge them to “give five” to their other 5 contacts using a hand, gloves, hands images in a creative and fun way and upload photo or video material with hashtag.

What kinds of #hashtag can I use?

#hashtag #imageglove #coloryourglove #worldinglove #fellinglove #gloveyou #high5inglove #high5challenge #bloomzedhigh5 #bloomzedinglove #high5challenge #bloomzedhigh5 #bloomzedinglove

How will Bloomzed determine the winners?

Bloomzed will collect all social network users (FB, YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter) who have specified one of the #Hashtags above, evaluate the relevance of the content of publication, include all users in the databases to determine the winner.

We will raffle off prizes and gifts from our partners and our company among the participants who have fulfilled all the conditions.

Bloomzed’s High5 business challenge

What is this?

It is a challenge aiming businessmen, entrepreneurs and people who care about what is happening in the world.
Any businessman who would like to provide support can contact Bloomzed:
• people affected by the coronavirus, directly or due to isolation and quarantine; людям и организациям, которые борются с вирусом
• people and organizations that are fighting against COVID-19.

What can I do?

• Take a video message or take a photo and describe what it can give and how it can help.
• post material on social networks and/or on official resources with hashtags
• get in touch with the organizers

How to join the business challenge?

Leave an application on our website and we will contact you.

How do I know the technical details of the connection?

Leave a request on our website and we will contact you.

Limited Charity Token Offering

What is this?

Limited Charity Token Offering (LCTO) is the first example of the implementation of a non-charitable token used for charity. The founders of Bloomzed as part of the High5 movement decided to allocate a limited amount of Bloomzed token, originally intended for use within the Bloomzed platform - as a key to the MLM loyalty system. Now they are dedicated to be used as a source of funds for charitable support to foundations to combat coronavirus and its consequences. The founders have allocated 2 million tokens - BZT, which they plan to sell at a price of $5 per token, and the funds received will be directed to charity organizations.

Where can I buy a BZT token?

at Probit, Tagz, P2PB2B, Coinsbit, Exrates, Token Store, ForkDelta. {Icons/references} or leave a purchase order on our website

Where can I use a BZT token?

in the network of partners

About the Bloomzed project

About project

What does Bloomzed mean?

It is a challenge aiming businessmen, entrepreneurs and people who care about what is happening in the world. Any businessman who would like to provide support can contact Bloomzed:

- people affected by the coronavirus, directly or due to isolation and quarantine;

- people and organizations that are fighting against COVID-19.

What is Bloomzed?

Bloomzed is essentially a high-tech software solution with an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are combined into a single system. The single Bloomzed system is designed to easily connect any technology solution, to control both individual blocks and the entire system. The system is built so that we can customize, disable, update, edit, enhance and other options without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole.

We develop, buy and modify, combine technologies to create reliable, versatile and most convenient financial services that allow users around the world to become more free, to improve their welfare, to be confident in the safety of their capital.

A platform, that combines technological software solutions from different areas to create reliable and most convenient financial services. Services are integrated into the ecosystem with a single entry point through the Bloomzed account. The ecosystem combines the services of payment, money transfers, investment and deposits, banking, storage of documents and information, loyalty, insurance, e-commerce, ordering and much more. In addition, we have been planning developing a personal assistant with artificial intelligence, which will simplify the adoption of financial decisions.

What is unique about your ecosystem? Why is it needed?

The peculiarity of the Bloomzed project is that it is not just an idea written in White Paper, which we want to realize, but is a ready-made solution that includes a lot of technological products and services that have proven their efficiency not only in tests, but also in the real life practical application. Each separate product, which is included in the overall Bloomzed ecosystem, operates in different countries under different brands as a separate solution or service. Also, it has demonstrated successful indicators, both from the technical side and from the commercial one.

We integrated the most demanded and trending financial management solutions for individuals and legal entities into a single Bloomzed ecosystem, supplementing them with auxiliary services.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of the Bloomzed project is in the set of technologies and software solutions used in the creation of financial ecosystem with a single access application. The project does not have alternatives in terms of technological capabilities blended in a single product.

Our system is not just a service aggregator. It is designed to attain our key mission of making the financial universe accessible to everyone. We forecast the following results:

1.    Increasing the actual financial solvency of the user due to an intelligent system of the financial assistant that helps to plan and allocate expenses adequately, optimize spending by obtaining bonuses, discounts, cashbacks, and increase savings through effective investment tools recommended by AI-assistant.

2.    Every user with a minimum capital gets access to the same financial instruments as large investors and users via ownership of digitized assets.

3.    Selection of relevant financial proposals - the most profitable offers from around the world market on the basis of a user's request, taking into account his personal financial history, allows the user to maximize his income and get unique financial instruments, even with a minimum level of financial literacy.

Users of the Bloomzed system receive a convenient tool for conducting daily payment transactions using a smartphone, as an analogue of bank cards and cash. Using of this application minimizes the inconvenience caused by the need to carry cash, several cards (payment, discount, loyalty, etc.), as well as perform a number of operations to use the cards / funds listed (withdraw cash, find an ATM, replenish the card, exchange bills, exchange currencies, etc.). Often, consumers are faced with situations when the terminal or ATM does not work, the card has restrictions on the amount of payment or cashing, the card is forgotten at home and so on. As for loyalty programs from commercial companies, many consumers refuse them. Firstly, it is inconvenient to carry cards with you; Secondly, information about the amounts of discounts, the amount of bonuses or accumulated points is not always available. Having developed Bloomzed system, the initiator of the project offers consumers a modern smart solution that will become a reliable and convenient assistant in everyday payment transactions.

Each user receives an access to all services of the ecosystem through a single Bloomzed account with end-to-end user authentication. You do not need to register in several services, having an account in Bloomzed you get access to hundreds of services and technologies in one application.

How can I get in touch with you?

Write to,

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