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Attention, urgent !!!!

To the attention of all Bloomzed Token Holders (BZT), partners and potential investors of the Bloomzed project.

In connection with the theft of a significant number of Bloomzed tokens through fraudulent actions from the wallets of large owners, the announced campaigns and new deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges where BZT trades are carried out - are temporarily suspended for the duration of investigation initiated by the shareholders of the Bloomzed project.

In this connection, new deposits on the crypto-exchanges at which BZT is traded is temporarily not accepted.

We kindly ask partners and potential investors to refrain from making any operations with Bloomzed tokens since now. The company has taken all necessary measures to prevent further actions by intruders related to unauthorized access to owners' wallets. The company’s operations are not affected, as the stolen tokens were not in circulation and have no effect on the development of the project or operations of the company.

Please also inform us of any offers of tokens from individuals and companies that purchased Bloomzed tokens after July 05, 2020 to investigate the case and identify members of the criminal group. Please send information to the official address of the company info@bloomzed.com

From August 04, 2020 BZT exchange to new BLCT conditions and application form available by following link:

Exchange for users of Bloomzed Tokens (BZT) to new Bloomzed Loyalty Club Tickets (BLCT)


BLCT token can be bought on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x6d2c508fc4a588a41713ff59212f85489291d244
  • Token Symbol: BLCT
  • Decimals: 18

We invite businesses to support global initiative Bloomzed’s “High5” Covid-19 Relief Movement and to become a partner


iOS and Android Application, online games,
game stores, in-game currency


Dating applications, professional networks,
social networks


Application for sport& fitness, club programs,
diets & nutrition, health & wellness,
online courses & programs


Streaming services, internet tv, online cinemas,
music platforms


Courses, master-classes, trainings & seminars,
conferences, online libraries


Casino, poker clubs, slot machines, lo & lottery,
sport betting


Hotels, Tickets, rent-a-cars


video processing applications, data storages,
language applications, antivirus & VPNs,
subscription & premium accounts

To join a Bloomzed’s High5 COVID-19 relief movement, your business should agree to accept BZT tokens as partial or whole payment for your goods or services. This could be your impact in great charity movement. Please leave your contacts for more information






Bloomzed officially notifies its partners, clients, participants of social networks subscribed to our social accounts - anyone interested in our initiatives - to protect against possible fraudulent actions by third parties of the following:

All official information about any charitable, social or other promotions initiated by Bloomzed - is indicated on our official website bloomzed.io, our social networks on official Bloomzed resources.

We DO NOT raise funds for private accounts, including individuals' bank accounts, electronic wallets, crypto wallets, etc.

All our initiatives are implemented publicly through licensed and respected institutions (crypto exchanges, international platforms, recognized charities and foundations, etc.).

Any fundraising attempts using our name, initiative, logo or otherwise, not listed on our official resources (www.bloomzed.io and Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Medium, Instagram) and carried out on third party details (physical and legal) are fraudulent and will be suppressed, investigated and prosecuted by us. We ask you to refrain from transferring funds, facilitating or supporting such attempts.

Also, we would like to prevent possible attempts of malicious libel and other actions by persons spreading information in social networks and other media and Internet resources that defames the business reputation of Bloomzed and shareholders, employees, partners and other related parties.

In the event that you have a legally justified claim or an unsatisfied financial claim or other claim, as well as information about cases of breach of trust, fraud using our name, logo (other identification features of our company), we strongly recommend that you contact the official e-mail address of the company info@bloomzed.com with relevant information. Otherwise, we will be forced to turn to all legal ways known to us to protect our honor, dignity and business reputation.