Discounts are a universally used product of loyalty, which allows to get a price reduction when making a payment; a discount is the amount by which the selling price of the goods, sold to the customer, reduces. Currently, the practice of granting discounts is used by big and medium-size companies, small business organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Discount is a voluntary, unilateral reduction in the cost of goods (services) by the seller (service provider) of the initial cost of goods (service), which allows to increase the demand for the goods and services offered, or allows to select a number of regular and privileged customers, giving them preferred or special customer status with special service conditions.


Bonuses are one of the types of marketing ploys; unlike the Discount tool, the customer pays 100% of the cost of his purchase, but part of the money (bonus percentage) is awarded to the electronic bonus account. Bonuses awarded to the customer’s electronic bonus account can be used when paying for the next purchases to the seller who has awarded bonuses, and at the sales outlets that are included in the bonus network.
Bonuses usually have usage period. If bonuses are not used within a specified period, they are reset. In addition, bonuses can have conditions for using them - for example, there are bonuses that cover only part of the purchase price.
Bonuses cannot be transferred to third parties or exchanged for real money; bonuses can be used only for full or partial payment for the subsequent purchases.


Cashback is a term which is used in the sectors of Internet trading and banking industry (banks encourage their customers to make payments with payment cards) as a description of a type of Bonus Program for attracting customers and increasing their loyalty.

The technology of cashback allows to receive a certain amount of the spent money back to the account. This is some kind of deferred discount which is returned to the customer after the expiry of a period.

Cashback is very similar to the bonus system of customer reward on its principle, but unlike bonuses, cashback can be cashed out, transferred to another person or spent in any facility.

BZT Referral Program

The most interesting and unique tool of the BZT Loyalty Club is the MLM product – a multilevel system of cashbacks and bonuses. The principle of its work is that you join the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club on its conditions of participation. After that, all that is required from you is to invite friends through the relevant section of the Bloomzed application. You will receive part of cashbacks and bonuses from the payments of each person invited by you, and the number of such people is unlimited. Cashbacks and bonuses will be awarded to you regardless of where the payment has been made, as long as the payment is made through the Bloomzed system in the partner networks and the person who is making this payment is a member of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club.
The people you invited, in turn, will also invite friends, and those invite their own, etc. You will receive part of their cashbacks and bonuses down to the 5th level inclusive. It is important that any payments made through the Bloomzed system are accounted. In other words, people will not have to change their habits in terms of shops and facilities; they will buy goods and services where it is convenient and profitable for them.

Wallet for discount and bonus cards

Carrying large number of discount and bonus cards in a usual wallet is very inconvenient. It is much easier and more enjoyable when all current cards have been digitized and available on the mobile wallet. Bloomzed allows to turn the physical cards into electronic analogues.

How to digitize discount and bonus loyalty cards

To digitize your current card, you must scan its barcode with a scanner of mobile wallet or enter its number. After that, the card is automatically added to the relevant section. To improve the recognition of the card in the wallet, it is necessary to take a picture and save the front part of the card in the Bloomzed wallet.
Now you do not have to carry a stack of cards to get discounts, bonuses and points; just show a barcode from the screen at the cash register of the relevant public place. If the company that has issued bonus/discount card undergoes integration with Bloomzed, customers will be able not only to show an electronic version of the card at the cash register, but also see the balance on the card, information about the written-off and accrued bonuses in a special section of the system.

Gift certificates

The uniqueness of our service is that you can buy a gift certificate from any Bloomzed partner in the mobile application. Choose a gift certificate for a particular product or amount, after which you can send it to the addressee, if necessary, accompanied by a bright greeting postcard, selected from ready-made templates or collected independently in the same service. If you wish, you can add your greetings to the postcard, record an audio or video message. To send a gift certificate and greetings, simply indicate the recipient’s phone number by entering the numbers manually or by selecting from your contact list. To receive a gift, the addressee should simply show the received QR code. If the recipient does not have the Bloomzed application, then he will receive an SMS with a unique number, according to which he can receive a gift at the sales outlet. To watch a video greeting or read a postcard, it is required to download the application or enter your e-mail by sending a reply SMS, and the greetings will be sent by e-mail.
Each company makes a choice in favor of one loyalty system. Extremely rare when the organizations use several technologies (for example, bonuses and cashback) at the same time. The moment you make a payment, the Bloomzed system automatically identifies existing loyalty program and allows you to get a benefit. All available discounts, cashbacks and bonuses are awarded to you automatically; they can be seen in the relevant section of the application. Thus, the Bloomzed loyalty system is a unique product that allows you to work with all existing loyalty programs at the same time, enhanced with innovative services such as Gift Certificate Service, the BZT Referral Program and wallet for digitizing physical discount and bonus cards.


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BZT Loyalty Club

A universal loyalty system from the Bloomzed project, which combines all tools of rewarding customer:

  • Discounts;
  • Bonuses;
  • Cashbacks;
  • Unique tool – the BZT Referral Program;
  • Wallet for digitizing physical discount and bonus cards;
  • Gift Certificate Service

You may get profit in the amount
of several hundred thousand dollars
per year with BZT referral program.

BZT Loyalty Club

    This is a universal product, providing simultaneous work with all existing customer reward systems. Using the reward tools of the BZT Loyalty Club, you will get rid of a necessity to use a large number of cards or mobile applications. All your cashback, discounts and bonuses will be collected in one loyalty system, which is very convenient and practical.

Tools of the BZT Loyalty Club

  • Discounts

  • Bonuses

  • Cashbacks

  • BZT Referral Program

  • Wallet for discount and bonus cards

  • Gift certificates


How to use the tools
«of the BZT Loyalty Club?»

    To access the services of the BZT Loyalty Club it is enough to download the Bloomzed application and use it as a payment tool in partner networks. The moment you make a payment, the Bloomzed system automatically identifies existing loyalty program at the sales outlet and allows you to get a benefit. All available discounts, cashbacks and bonuses are awarded to you automatically; they can be seen in the relevant section of the application.

    To get access to the BZT Referral Program, as well as to the additional opportunities of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club, you need to upload 1 BZT membership token (Bloomzed Token) into the system.

What is the BZT Loyalty Club?

    The BZT Loyalty Club is a software and hardware package included in the structure of the Bloomzed project, which is the universal loyalty system of the Bloomzed project, aimed at stimulating interest in the project products on the part of users of the system. This direction of the project is focused on involving consumers in the process of analysis, development, testing and participation in marketing activities, social surveys, and attracting new members to the project. For active participation and involvement, users receive a number of opportunities and privileges from the project and its partners (discounts, bonuses, cashbacks, etc.). This makes participation in the club useful and interesting for its members as well as for the Bloomzed project.

    The BZT Loyalty Club includes two levels of membership:

    The first level is the open part of the BZT Loyalty Club, which includes all users of the Bloomzed system. Any user who has installed the Bloomzed application on his mobile device becomes a member of the club and gets access to loyalty tools - Discounts, Bonuses, Cashbacks, Gift Certificate Service, Wallet for discount and bonus cards.

     The second level is the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club, which includes only those users of the Bloomzed system who have uploaded one BZT membership cryptocurrency token into the system. Members of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club receive additional opportunities:
  • Participation in various promotions and lotteries from the Bloomzed project and partner organizations.
  • The opportunity to be the first to get access to the new features and functions of the Bloomzed project.
  • Special conditions for obtaining credit products from our partners.
  • Special conditions for the purchase of insurance products from the partner companies of the project.
  • The possibility of receiving special bonuses and discounts provided by partners only to members of the club.
  • The opportunity to join the testing team and be the first to learn about new technologies and functions that will appear in the project, contribute to the development and improvement of your favourite payment platform.
  • Members of the closed part of the club can vote on issues related to the use of new technologies and the addition of new functionality to the service.
  • The opportunity to participate in advertising campaigns of the Bloomzed project.
  • The opportunity to participate in our surveys designed to improve the product and service.
    And above all, they are given access to a unique tool of the loyalty system of the project - the BZT Referral Program


    BZT or Bloomzed Token is a cryptocurrency token, which is a “ticket” to the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club. By uploading one BZT membership token, you can become a member of the closed part of the club and get access to the tools available only to members of the closed part of the club.

    In fact, membership tokens are a tool that identifies the involvement in the closed part of the club and allows to get the corresponding opportunities, privileges according to the rules of participation in the BZT Loyalty Club.

    The BZT tokens uploaded into the system are to be returned in accordance with the rules of participation in the BZT Loyalty Club.

BZT tokens are issued by smart contract of the ERC 20 standard.


BZT membership token can be bought from the current member of the closed part of the BZT Loyalty Club who has invited you, or on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

If you have not found Bloomzed Token (BZT) in the general list on the above-mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to add it manually, indicating the following data:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x0d5516103752b3954d95621f470a8261151da2e4
  • Token Symbol: BZT
  • Decimals: 18


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