Bloomzed mobile wallet for payment card

You can link MasterCard or Visa card of any bank to your mobile wallet in just a few minutes. After that, you can pay for purchases through a mobile wallet, even without having a bank card on hand. The number of such cards is not limited. You can link cards issued by all banks of the world, as well as cryptocurrency cards (Xapo, Center, Wirex, Monaco, TenX, etc.).
After linking the bank card to the Bloomzed mobile wallet you get the opportunity to make payments:

  • without a card. Even if you do not have a plastic card on hand, you can make payment through the QR- code technology at all sales outlets integrated with Bloomzed , as well as in places with terminals supporting NFC;
  • without prevarication. You no longer have to enter information about the card in the appropriate fields, which is necessary when conducting web transactions in the usual way. This feature is available in all websites where linking with the wallet is made by scanning the QR-code;
  • in one click. This is done directly in the Bloomzed mobile wallet. Replenishment of the phone, paying for tickets, utilities and other services is really carried out in one click. Tens of thousands of services and goods integrated into the system are available to you.

By linking the card to the Bloomzed  wallet, you will be able to:

  • to transfer money easily. P2P transfers from card to card are carried out very quickly and easily. To do this, you only need to enter the card number or the phone number of the recipient and amount of transfer – and the money will be sent from the linked card;
  • to simply receive money. Receiving cash in the bank branches and ATMs will beсome very simple. To do this you need to scan QR code at the cash register or ATM, enter the amount that you want to receive, confirm the transaction and take your money.

Bloomzed wallet for electronic money

If you do not have payment cards, bank accounts, and you do not want to go through all the bureaucratic complexities related with their preparation, but want to use the Internet services and transfers, to make fast and secure purchases on the web platform, the optimal solution will be the Bloomzed electronic money wallet. In order to start using them, you need to download the mobile application “Bloomzed” through the nearest agent (cash office, ATM with the Cash in option, terminal) and replenish the balance. Balance replenishment through the transfers from other people using “Bloomzed” is also possible.
After replenishing the balance of the Bloomzed electronic money wallet, you will be able to:

  • make payments in any sales outlets, paying for services and goods by electronic money with the help of your smartphone. Payment is available at all outlets, integrated with Bloomzed and using the technology of QR codes or having terminals that support the NFC;
  • pay without any prevarication. Payment will be made in a few clicks, the option is available on all sites, integrated with “Bloomzed” and using the technology of QR codes;
  • pay in one click. You will save a great deal of time by paying the utilities, tickets, dozens of built-in system services/goods, replenishing the phone, etc. directly in your mobile wallet;
  • send transfers easily.  Just in a couple of seconds, you can perform P2P transfer from your electronic wallet to another Bloomzed wallet. Transfer by the telephone number or by scanning the QR-code of the recipient is possible. Following that the amount of transfer shall be entered and the funds will be sent;
  • simply receive money. In order to withdraw money over the counter or through ATM, it is enough to scan the QR-code, enter the amount, confirm the transaction carried out – and you will receive your money in cash.

Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallet

This product is new in the Bloomzed family. Its introduction is expected in II–III quarter of 2018. This wallet will allow to store tokens and cryptocurrency of different types, perform transfers between the relevant wallets, make payments in any sales outlets (both physical and online) paying for services/goods with tokens and cryptocurrency with instant conversion into fiat currency and crediting the seller’s account with the latter.
The opportunities of the Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallet:

  • payments in sales outlets. You will be able to pay for services/goods using your smartphone.  Payment is available in all places integrated with Bloomzed and using NFC terminals or the technology of QR-codes;
  • express payments without prevarication. With such cryptocurrency wallet, you will be able to pay online in a couple of clicks. Payment is available in all websites integrated with Bloomzed and applying the technology of QR codes;
  • payment in one click. Directly in your Bloomzed wallet, just in one click you will be able to pay for the utilities, tickets, thousands of goods and services integrated in the system, as well as to replenish the phone, etc. with tokens and cryptocurrency; 
  • easy sending P2P transfers of tokens and cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet. In order to perform such transaction, it is enough to scan a QR code or enter the phone number of the recipient and indicate the amount required;
  • easy receipt of money at the counters or ATMs.  In order to cash out your tokens or cryptocurrency, scan your QR-code at the counter or ATM, enter the amount, confirm the operation and receive fiat currency.

Payment by smartphone

  • Transfers and payments in the Bloomzed system are performed through the technologies NFC, QR, Bluetooth Smart, USDD, HCE .
  • Authentication via SMS and biometrics (voice, fingerprint, scanning of face and eye retina) is activated to confirm the transfers and payments and ensure their security.
  • To ensure the security and safety of transactions carried out in Bloomzed,  the following technologies are used additionally: —PCI DSS Certificate;
    —SSL Certificate;
    —Verified by Visa;
    —3D Secure;
    —MasterCard SecureCode;

Wallet for bonus and discount cards

Carrying large number of discount and bonus cards in a usual wallet is very inconvenient. It is much easier and more enjoyable when all available cards have been digitized to the mobile wallet. Bloomzed allows to turn the physical cards in electronic analogues.

How to digitize discount and bonus loyalty cards

To digitize your existing card, you must scan its bar-code with a scanner of mobile wallet or enter its number. After that, the card is automatically added to the appropriate section. To improve the recognition of the card in the wallet, it is necessary to take a picture of the front part of the card and save it in the Bloomzed wallet.
Now to get discounts, bonuses and points, you do not have to carry a stack of cards; just show a barcode from the screen at the cash register of the relevant establishments. If the company issuing bonus/discount card undergoes integration with Bloomzed, clients will be able not only to show an electronic version of the card at the cash register, but also see the balance on the card, information about the written-off and accrued bonuses in a special section of the system.


In the Bloomzed mobile application,  there is a “Credits” section, where you will be able to obtain loans from several banks and credit organizations. Each user has the opportunity to choose the best offer for themselves, without visiting a bank office, and within a few minutes get the money into the account. In the “Credits” section you will be offered the following services:

  • P2P credits. This is a new type of loans, which is different from MFIs and banks products as borrowers and investors work together directly. This eliminates an intermediary member with its profit and makes credits cheaper than in the bank. When P2P lending, the Bloomzed system  helps to assess the risk of investment and reliability of the borrower, however, it charges for this service a small fixed fee, and the investor gains all the income. In order to get P2P loan, you need to make an application, indicating the required amount, repayment period and the desired interest rate. This method of lending is characterized by the presence of many participants in a single transaction. Because they do not always have an investor willing to provide all the requested amount, it is made up partially by the proposals of entities and/or individuals who have decided to participate in the transaction. The basic advantage of using P2P lending is the fact that the size of the rate is agreed by the parties and is adjusted based on the borrower’s credit rating, determined by its own scoring -model service.
  • Payday loan. Using this product of the affiliate microcredit organization, you will be able to obtain an unsecured quick loan for your bank card or electronic wallet. The maximum amount is $3,000, the credit period is up to 3 months. The process of obtaining payday loan via Bloomzed takes less than 15 minutes. In case of positive reply to your request, the money will received within 30 minutes from the moment of creating the application.
  • Unsecured revolving credit line (the so-called revolving credit). The maximum loan amount is $20 000, repayment period is up to 3 years, the time of the application consideration is no more than 15 minutes. The credit line is created without visiting the lender’s office, grace period is provided up to 2 months, during which the interest is not accrued. 
  • Secured revolving credit line. The period of the application consideration is up to 24 hours, the maximum possible amount is $100 000. Application can be submitted via the Bloomzed mobile system, in case of positive reply, it is required to visit the lender’s office to arrange the loan. 
  • Automobile lending. Such a loan is arranged on the security of the new car bought in the automobile dealership. The application is considered within 1 hour, the maximum possible amount is $100 000, entry fee is 10 % or higher. Application can be submitted via mobile application, at receiving the approval it is necessary to visit the office of the credit organization. 
  • Mortgage credit lending. It is carried out on the security of the purchased property. The maximum amount is $500 000, entry fee is 10%. Application is submitted via mobile platform and considered within 24 hours. When receiving the positive reply it is required to visit the lender’s office. 

The Bloomzed system is not a credit organization and therefore, it does not issue loans. It provides the technical opportunity for banks and credit organizations to render appropriate services to clients remotely. And for users –to obtain a loan as easy and fast as possible, without unnecessary paperwork. The Bloomzed instruments allow to process the applications, issue new loans and repay existing loans. All lending products and the conditions of providing them, available in Bloomzed, are determined by credit organizations in accordance with their internal policy, market and political situation in the country where they are working and have a license permit for such type of activity.

Loyalty system 

This is a universal product, providing simultaneous work with all existing customer reward systems. Using the Bloomzed loyalty system you get rid of a necessity to use a large number of cards or mobile applications. All your   cashback, discounts and bonuses, will be collected, which is very convenient and practical, in one loyalty system, which is a unique multi-level product.

  • Discounts are a universally used product of loyalty, which allows to get a price reduction when making a payment. Using special promotions in the Bloomzed system, you can receive discount up to 40% for services and goods offered by our partners.
  • Bonuses are a product that allows to accumulate points from every purchase made in a certain facility. The client can use the received bonuses to pay for goods/services in the same facilities. Such bonuses cannot be transferred to third parties or exchanged for real money. Usually bonuses have a certain period of use, after which they are reset. With the help of the Bloomzed loyalty system, you will be able to receive bonuses up to 40% when purchasing goods and services from our partners.
  • Cashback. This loyalty system is very popular in banks that offer payment cards and other products. Technology   of cashback  allows to receive a certain amount of the spent money back to the account. Unlike bonuses,   cashback   can be cashed out or spent in any facility. Using the Bloomzed  loyalty system, you can get up to 40% of cashback  when purchasing services/goods from our partner organizations.

Each company makes a choice in favor of one loyalty system. Extremely rare when the organizations use several technologies (for example, bonuses and  cashback) at the same time. The moment you make a payment, the Bloomzed system automatically identifies an existing loyalty program and allows you to get a benefit. All available discounts,   cashback and bonuses are awarded to you automatically; they can be seen in the corresponding section of the application. Thus, the Bloomzed loyalty system is a unique product that allows you to work with all existing loyalty programs at the same time.
However, the most interesting and unique tool of this system is the club product MLM – a multilevel system of cashbacks. The principle of its work is that you join the Bloomzed MSC club on its conditions, the participation is absolutely free of charge. After that, all that is required from you is to invite friends through the appropriate section of the application. You will receive a part of cashbacks from the payments of each person invited by you, and the number of such people is unlimited. Money will be paid to you regardless of where the payment has been made, as long as the payment is made through the Bloomzed system and the person who is making this payment is a member of the MSC club of this system.
The people you invited, in turn, will also invite friends, and those invite their own, etc. You will receive a part of their   cashbacks   down to the 5th level. It is important that any payments made through the Bloomzed system are accounted. In other words, people will not have to change their habits in terms of shops and facilities; they will buy goods and services where it is convenient and profitable for them.

Money transfers

With the introduction of the Bloomzed system,  money transfers to relatives and friends have become faster and more convenient. Now you can make any transfer as easily as when transferring money personally, only you do not have to allow time for the meeting. The system allows to transfer funds instantly at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. Different types of transfers are available to the Bloomzed users: 

  • between electronic wallets in the Bloomzed system;
  • between the Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallets;
  • between payment cards Amex, MasterCard, Union Pay, Visa, Mir and others;
  • from the Bloomzed electronic wallet to payment cards and back;
  • from the Bloomzed electronic wallet to corporate bank account and back;
  • from payment cards to bank settlement account;
  • from the Bloomzed  electronic   wallet to the international money transfer systems “Zolotaya korona”, “Contact” , “ Western   Union”  and others, and also in the opposite direction;
  • from the Bloomzed  electronic money wallet to the wallets registered in other electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Qiwi , “Money”, “Yandex.Money” and etc.);
  • from the Bloomzed cryptocurrency    wallet to other cryptocurrency wallets.

Making transfers has become easy and safe with the Bloomzed system. To transfer money, you need to make a few clicks in your account of WEB-version of this system or in the mobile application. The transfer is carried out according to the official standards of security systems and international payment systems.

Virtual Center for currency exchange

In this application section, you can perform various conversion and exchange transactions with the currencies of different countries, tokens, cryptocurrency, electronic monetary units of different systems.


With the help of the “Investments” section you can multiply your savings. There are many reliable and safe tools for that.


Our users can access the product from partner banks offering to make a deposit directly from the Bloomzed mobile application. The management is also carried out in the mobile mode. There are several types of deposits.

  • Demand deposit. This is a deposit without indication of the exact period of storage. Money is returned to the depositor on the first demand. Most often, interest on savings deposits is lower than fixed-term deposits. In order to make a demand deposit, you can use the funds from your Bloomzed electronic wallet (according to the laws of particular countries or by agreement with a banking institution).
  • Fixed-term deposit. This deposit is maid for a certain period of time and upon expiration of the last one is completely withdrawn. Fixed-term deposits are less liquid than demand deposits, but the percentage of income is higher.
  • Savings deposit. This is the simplest kind of fixed-term deposit. During the validity period of such deposit, it is prohibited to withdraw any amounts and replenish the deposit.
  • Interest-bearing deposit. Under the terms of this product, the client can replenish the amount of the deposit throughout the term for which the contract with the bank has been signed.
  • Settlement (universal) deposit. The client can control his deposit and carry out expenditure and income transactions of the account.

Р2Р and Р2В lending

These services provide users with the opportunity to invest cleared funds in the credit sector, where the profitability is higher in comparison with the classic deposits. Such lending is a convenient way of providing loan without the participation of the bank as an investor or intermediary. The interaction between the parties to the transaction is carried out using the Bloomzed service, which is an information base where objective information on the reliability of borrowers is stored. Р2Р and Р2В lending has the following main advantages.

  • High profitability. For P2B and P2P, investors receive a higher percentage compared to deposits, and the borrower has more flexible terms compared to applying to the bank.
  • High reliability. It is due to the fact that the hardware and software part of the Bloomzed platform, intended for P2B and P2P lending, analyzes and verifies in detail data on borrowers, on their ability to meet payments and their assets. The listed information is available to the investor, which allows the latter to make objective decisions. As a result, on this type of lending, the lowest percentage of overdue loans in the whole sphere of loans is observed.
  • Availability of support and assistance. We help to properly draw up a contract, monitor the receipt of money from borrowers, provide competent support to the investor in the event of any problems.


Initial Token Offering (ITO), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Token Generation Event (TGE) consists in issuing tokens or coupons by any projects that are intended to pay for the services of this platform in the future – using cryptocurrency.
Unlike the IPO, the buyers of currency do not receive a share in the company at the same time, therefore, they cannot influence internal management decisions. In its essence, ICO is another way to implement the crowdfunding model, which is that the sites invest in the development of the company now in order to get any profits or benefits from it in the future.
The Bloomzed platform allows its clients to invest in such projects, which is performed very simply through the relevant section. In order to invest, you need to go to the specified section, select the desired project from the general list and make investments by purchasing the offered tokens.

Crowdinvesting, Crowdfunding

In translation from English, “crowd” means “public” or “people”, and “funding” means “financing”. Thus, these terms can be interpreted as “public funding”. Crowdfunding means financing the project by attracting contributions from various people. Authors present their idea and offer the amount necessary for implementation. People who are interested in the idea, invest a certain amount in it. As a rule, such investments are made via the Internet and the financing process is absolutely transparent: each user will be able to observe how much money is collected, and upon completion of the collection, where the funds are spent.
In the Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting section of the Bloomzed platform, a large list of projects from the world’s best services is available to users. You can invest in ideas that interest you by only a few clicks on your smartphone.


The Bloomzed platform offers its clients modern services and facilities for Internet trading in the world exchange markets: investment solutions, trading on Forex training, etc. We have collected all the instruments necessary for effective trading activities which you can conduct from anywhere in the world.
Forex. Currently, Forex is the largest financial market in the world. For easy access to it from anywhere you need only the Bloomzed application and the Internet.

Trust management

. Professional traders work instead of you, and you make a profit. If you doubt the profitability of the bank and worry about the fact that inflation “eats” the interest received on the deposit, but do not want to study the technologies for investing and managing the investment portfolio on your own, then use the trust management service from the partners of the Bloomzed platform. Our team employs experienced professional traders, financiers, analysts and investment professionals, who will invest your money in profitable projects (securities, shares, ITO, TGE, ICO, Forex, Crowdinvesting, Crowdfunding, lending, etc.). The experts will determine the safest and most profitable directions of investment, correctly distribute your money to various projects, collecting a professional investment portfolio that will diversify risks and provide a stable guaranteed income for you.


On the Bloomzed platform, there is an “Insurance” section in which you can buy any type of insurance in just a couple of minutes. Our clients have access to life, real estate, vehicles, health insurances, etc. Insurance products are provided by the world’s leading insurance organizations, whose specialists will consult on all issues and help to get a payment at the occurrence of the insured event. Both in the web version and in the mobile application, Bloomzed provides round-the-clock support for users in 24/7 mode on issues related to insurance.

Mobile store

This section is a trading platform for Bloomzed partners. In our “Mobile store” you will find tens of thousands of diverse products that can be ordered with delivery or pick up by yourself.


In this section of Bloomzed the fullest version of all existing services that sell tickets is collected. In one place, you can easily buy tickets at attractive prices and in just a few clicks. Users of Bloomzed can get tickets for air and bus services, railway tickets, tickets for theaters, cinemas, excursions, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, etc. If there is such a place to visit or travel to which a ticket is required, you can buy this ticket in the appropriate section of our platform.


To gain access to all the features of the Bloomzed system, the user must go through the identification in it, which is done by filling out the form and providing documents that prove the identity. Based on the information received, the system automatically creates user’s WEB-passport – a space in the wallet, designed to store all necessary information about this person. The information from the WEB-passport in the amount that is preconditioned in advance will automatically be available to the owner of the QR- scanner or code when scanning an external QR code or QR- code of the wallet.

What information is included in the WEB -passport?

  • Scanned copies of documents (for example, passports, certificate of insurance, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, etc.).
  • Socio-demographic information.
  • Contact information, required when creating a wallet.
  • The address of the user.
  • Address of delivery when ordering in online stores, restaurants, etc.

Advantages of using WEB –passport

  • Efficiency of payments. . When shopping online, you no longer have to fill out contact and personal information fields, enter the delivery address and your card number. It is enough to scan the QR code generated by the online store and confirm payment in the mobile application.  With the payment, the system will automatically give the contact information and the delivery address to the seller.
  • Simplification of the policy arrangement. Having a WEB-passport, you get rid of the need to provide the insurance company with a package of documents when arranging a policy. The system will do it for you in automatic mode.
  • Acceleration of obtaining loans and installments. When buying goods in installments or arranging a loan, the system will automatically send to the seller or lender the entire package of necessary documents. This speeds up the process of application submission by several times. You do not have to visit a store or a bank, just make a couple of clicks in your smartphone – and within minutes you will get an answer wherever you are.
  • Simplification of identification and authentication. You just need to scan the QR code with your device or allow to scan your code – and all information required to gain access is transferred to the recipient. This way allows passing identification and authentication at conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workplaces, Internet resources, in personal accounts, e-mail, electronic queue systems, etc.

Personal Accountant

A personal accountant will help you manage all cash flows, take full financial control and planning. It is possible to set up automatic transfers and payments, detailing the latter up to 5 years. Personal accountant from Bloomzed is designed for the competent organization of your income and expenses. It automatically records the time, date and detail of all the movements of your funds. There is also the option of manual correction, adding of information on transactions made in cash. Annual, monthly and daily results are provided in colorful and beautiful reports in all categories and directions of your life, which helps to manage money more rationally and to fully control them

Internet and mobile acquiring

The Bloomzed Service provides the most complete set of secure tools that allow to accept payment in land-based sales outlets and on the Internet:

  • with electronic money;
  • with tokens and cryptocurrency with instant conversion to fiat funds;
  • payment cards MasterCard, Union Pay, Visa, American Express, Mir and others.

Auto payments

You will be able to accept payment by subscription or a subscription fee by connecting recurring payments. After that, regular payment will be made from the electronic wallet or bank card without the requirement to confirm the transfer by the owner. The system will automatically charge the payment according to a pre-agreed schedule. According to the rules, the interval between two payments should not exceed 1 year.
The buyer and the store agree in advance which services or goods will be provided during the validity period of the payment agreement through regular payments. The agreement can be the primary payment by the client, made in the usual way.

Payment by smartphone

Due to Bloomzed, your clients will be able to pay for any purchase with the help of their smartphone. Bank cards and cash are gradually becoming the past. They are effectively replaced by a mobile wallet, which allows to pay for services/goods with cryptocurrency, electronic money or with linked standard cards. In order to make payment, the client simply needs to have a smartphone that has the Bloomzed application installed.

How to pay for purchases through a smartphone?

Payments via smartphone using an external scanner:

  • the client should open his unique QR code in the electronic wallet and show it to the cashier;
  • the cashier reads the QR code using the scanner.

Payments via smartphone using the second smartphone:

  • the client should open his unique QR code in the electronic wallet and show it to the cashier (service provider, seller);
  • the cashier opens the application on his smartphone and reads the QR-code with the integrated scanner.

Payments via smartphone using an external QR code:

  • the client should open the built-in QR-scanner in the electronic wallet and scan the external QR-code from a specific product, print medium, TV screen or monitor;
  • information about the purchase through the server is transferred to the mobile wallet in the form of a receipt, in which there is a description of the product and its price.

How to pay?

  • The data about the specific purchase and the corresponding receipt, in which the amount of payment is indicated, is transferred through the server to the screen of the electronic wallet of the client.
  • The client chooses how he will pay for the product (with the help of a cryptocurrency, electronic means or linked card) and confirms the payment.
  • Through the server, payment information is sent to the seller into the application, the order processing system or to the terminal screen, indicating the closing of the purchase.

Authorization and registration in one click

With Bloomzed, your clients will no longer have to go through tedious lengthy registration and authentication procedures, remember passwords and logins on web resources, fill out questionnaires for visiting various events (conferences, exhibitions, etc.), each time duplicating the same data about themselves. With the help of the Bloomzed mobile wallet all the above operations are carried out with one movement. In order to transfer the information that is required to start the service, the client simply needs to scan the QR-code on the site or at the service point.
Identification and authentication at conferences, exhibitions and seminars, in educational institutions, access to the workplace, access to e-mail, personal accounts on websites, electronic queue systems, etc. are carried out by scanning the QR code of the client with his smartphone. The client’s QR code for scanning can also be provided so that all the identification information has been transferred to you.

Purchase of services and goods in one click

Due to Bloomzed your clients no longer need to enter data about themselves, their card, delivery address, etc., which will save them time and simplify the shopping process as much as possible. After completing purchases on the Internet, the client chooses the payment method using Bloomzed, after which the system automatically generates the QR code for the cost of the goods basket. The user needs only to scan the generated code, so that the system will automatically transfer to the seller not only payment, but also contact information for communication with the buyer, delivery address and other data necessary for provision of services.

More information about «WEB-passport»

A WEB-passport is a space in the wallet, where all the necessary information about the user is stored. Data from such passport in a predetermined amount becomes automatically available to the owners of QR codes or scanners when reading the wallet QR code, or when scanning external QR codes. Our system will automatically give you all the necessary information about the client along with the payment. It includes the phone number, delivery address, name, etc.
The WEB-passport can contain the following information:

  • contact details, which are mandatory when registering a mobile wallet;
  • delivery address of the ordered services/goods;
  • the address where the user lives;
  • sociodemographic information;
  • scanned documents (for example, a passport, driver’s license, insurance policy, identity card, vehicle registration certificate, etc.).

Advantages of the WEB-passport technology:

  • simplify and automate the process of gathering information about clients, which makes it much easier to run business processes, reduces the time required for maintenance;
  • assistance in analyzing and segmenting the client database, studying the target audience;
  • the ability to integrate into business processes (for example, the process of ordering products in an online store, where when making a payment the store receives the delivery address from the WEB-passport automatically).

Communication with clients

The Bloomzed mobile wallet provides not only minimal time from sending a message to its reading, but also provides almost unlimited opportunities for interactive communication in a chat or messenger, which is convenient and familiar for clients.

How does Bloomzed service work to communicate with clients

  • News. Through the news line, which is maintained in the mobile wallet, you will be able to inform clients about all useful and valuable goods and services for them. There is an option to sort news by month and publication, to accompany the most important messages with push notifications.
Push notifications. Use them if there is a need to inform the client about any news in online mode, for sending technical or service information. Push notifications allow to receive the client’s reaction in the form of an answer to the posed question with 2 alternatives. You can link by geolocation such notifications to your client’s location at a particular time.

Loyalty program

The Bloomzed platform provides the ability to automatically manage loyalty programs of all levels of complexity. The service provides tools for processing and collecting data, providing reports, starting advertising campaigns, and flexible configuration of your organization’s loyalty program.
It is very inconvenient to carry numerous bonus and discount cards with you. A more rational option is to digitize all cards and put their electronic versions into a mobile wallet. Bloomzed will help your clients turn physical cards into convenient electronic analogues. If your company does not have its loyalty program, we are ready to develop it on a turnkey basis.
In order not to waste your resources on technical tasks, use the Bloomzed Loyalty program. Integrate it once and in the future, apply the full range of tools that allow you to build relationships with clients. This will help you increase the effectiveness of the loyalty program, hence – strengthen relationships with clients and increase the stability of your business.
Bloomzed Loyalty includes the tools that allow you to work with all the sections and aspects of loyalty programs. This service is a unified processing center, which receives all information about transactions. It serves as one common store of information about clients and provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to form client loyalty and build stable, effective relationships.

How does the Bloomzed mobile wallet work with loyalty programs?

  • Digitization of existing loyalty cards. If your client already has a loyalty card with a printed barcode, then to perform the digitization you need to scan the barcode using a scanner built into your wallet, or enter the number of the card itself. After that, the card with the barcode will appear automatically in the corresponding section. In order to improve recognition, the client can take a photo of the front part of his card and save it in his wallet. After digitization, there is no need to carry plastic cards. In order to get bonuses, discounts or accumulative bonuses, it is enough for the client to present at the cash desk the barcode of the loyalty card from the screen of his smartphone.
  • Integration of balances of already existing cards. In order for a client not only to present a digitized loyalty card at the cash desk, but also to see data on written-off/accrued bonuses and the total balance on the card, it is necessary to integrate the loyalty program with your electronic wallet. After that, when scanning a digitized card at the cash desk, the client will see in real time all the bonus charges and accrued bonuses on it.
  • Development of a loyalty program “turnkey”. If your company does not have its own loyalty program and wants to make the existing product more automated and universal or completely replace it, use our offer to create a new loyalty program "turnkey".

Managing the loyalty program through CRM

Almost all algorithms of the Bloomzed Loyalty service are configured to process information that accumulates during the functioning of your loyalty program. Therefore, we offer CRM along with the Bloomzed Loyalty package.
The primary data on a client comes into the system when he starts using your loyalty program. Usually, a client who has joined the service receives an identifier (for example, a loyalty card). To confirm participation in the program, he is offered to register in the system. Regardless of the method of conducting, registration has one goal – the receipt of contact information about the client into the database. This way a client profile is created linked to the card, or rather – to the bonus account of a particular client in the loyalty program.

Mobile store

With the help of the technologies provided by us, you can turn Bloomzed into your own mobile store, where clients can not only make payments (replenish the phone, repay loans, pay for utilities, buy tickets, etc.), but also acquire real services or goods directly in their wallets, making the payment and ordering the delivery. Create a separate tab of your store in the Bloomzed mobile application, so that all users of our service can make an order in a few clicks.

What can you buy from the Bloomzed mobile store?

  • Remote pre-order with the receipt of goods in the sales outlet. In the section “Mobile store” of his wallet, the client chooses the products, services or goods necessary for him, pays by a card linked to a wallet, or by electronic money. By default, the nearest sales outlet is displayed on its screen, where you can pick up the order. This information can be changed manually. If desired, the client specifies the time when it is convenient for him to pick up and confirms the ordering. Then the client visits the sales outlet and, without standing in the queue, in the delivery zone, scans the stationary QR code with a scanner built into his mobile wallet. Into the program of the seller information is transmitted that the wallet to which the paid order is linked has appeared in the delivery zone. If the formation of an order has been scheduled for a certain time, and it is already ready, then the client can just receive the goods that he has bought. If the time is not specified during the process of registration, collection and issuance are carried out after the fact.
  • Order of the goods with delivery. In his wallet the client opens the “Mobile store”, chooses the goods, services or products in it, pays for it with a linked card. By default, the delivery address specified in the client’s WEB-passport is issued, if necessary, the data can be changed. Then the client indicates the desired delivery time and confirms the order. At the appointed time, the courier delivers the paid goods to the address.

What benefits do your clients receive?

  • Quick authorization on a web resource using a smartphone.
  • Easy payment in the online store without a plastic card, through the smartphone.
  • Possibility of accumulation of bonuses and their use when paying the next order
Simplification of purchases on your resource, as there is no need to enter contact information and delivery address.

Determination of sales outlet using geolocation

Mobile wallet allows to not only determine the location of the nearest sales outlet, but also to route, calculate the distance to it. Geolocation also helps you learn more about your clients, communicate with them not only at certain times, but also in the right place. In fact, new opportunities of communication and effective interaction with clients are opened for you. Due to geolocation you can literally guess the desires of your audience, which will increase the loyalty of clients.

How does the geolocation service work?

All outlets of service and sales are marked on the map according to their coordinates. When you point to each such outlet, you get the necessary data about it: the work schedule and other features. By selecting a specific outlet, the user can see the distance to it, as well as the route (by car, on foot, by public transport).

Push notifications depending on the location of the client

If geolocation is configured, the client will be able to receive push notifications in his mobile wallet only when he is at a certain distance from the outlet specified in the mailing. This provides an opportunity for better targeting of the audience when conducting advertising campaigns, which raises the level of response (the percentage of visiting sales or service outlets).

Self-service at the sales outlet

With Bloomzed, clients can be cashiers, not just buyers. This speeds up the buying process, making it more interesting. Clients independently scan the barcodes of the desired goods and put them in the basket. On the smartphone screen, a receipt with a list of all items and the total cost is gradually formed. Clients do not have to stand in the queue, wait for the goods to be scanned by the cashier. The latter only scans the client’s wallet barcode. Payment can be made with cryptocurrency, electronic money or a linked card.

Where and how can clients make their own purchases?

  • The client chooses the goods in the trading floor, scans their barcodes and puts them in the basket.
  • A receipt is gradually formed on the mobile wallet screen. Certain items can be deleted.
  • The client goes to the express cash desk, bypassing the queues at the usual cash desks. Here the cashier reads the unique QR code of his wallet directly from the smartphone, receiving information about the receipt. The client chooses the payment method in the wallet and pays for the purchase.
  • The cashier sees the acceptance of payment and closes the receipt, checking visually the composition of the purchase.

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The Bloomzed team thanks everyone for the participation and confidence in our ambitious project!

We have great achievements ahead of us!

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    This event is the primary generation and distribution of membership tokens among the participants of the Bloomzed  project and the members of Bloomzed Crypto Club. During the primary generation of tokens, the organizers of the project carry out the generation and distribution of tokens among the participants, organizers, partners, employees of the project and members of Bloomzed Crypto Club.

    This is the name of the event for the primary sale of BZT membership tokens, required to participate in Bloomzed Crypto Club. It consists of the two rounds:

the first round will start on 19 December 2017 at 12:00 UTC+3, and continue until 26 December 2017, or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 5 mln BZT, whichever is earlier;

the second round will start on 17 January 2018 at 12:00 UTC+3, and continue until 17 February 2018, or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 mln BZT, whichever is earlier.


    BZT or Bloomzed Token – is a token that serves as a “ticket” into the private club named Bloomzed Crypto Club. After purchasing or receiving it, you can become a member of this club and enjoy all relevant bonuses and benefits, the amount of which is determined by the number of BZT held by a particular token owner.

    You should take into account that BZT is not a monetary or other material obligation of Bloomzed company, its partners and/or structural divisions. The membership token cannot be cashed-out for any cryptocurrency, electronic or fiat money. Bloomzed Company is not engaged in repurchasing of BZT.

    In fact, a membership token is a tool that defines membership in the private club and allows to obtain relevant opportunities and privileges according to the rules of participation in Bloomzed Crypto Club. The  payment for BZT is a membership fee to join the club and is not refundable.

    Participating in the TGE of Bloomzed Crypto Club, the user understands and fully accepts that the purchase of BZT gives the right to participate in the project as a member of Bloomzed Crypto Club. Money contributed for a BZT token represent an entrance fee, and therefore is not refundable.

Distribution of BZT is carried out through the smart-contract of ERC 20 standard.


It is planned to issue 100 million BZT.
Distribution plan for membership tokens:

20% of BZT

is distributed among the founders of the project, team members, advisors, partners, and early members
15% of BZT

is spent for grants, partnerships, marketing, bonuses and premiums given during the two rounds of TGE 
15% of BZT

is conserved in the long-term operating budget of our project
5% of BZT

is distributed among the participants of the first round
45% BZT

will be distributed among the participants of the second round

All membership tokens, which will remain after the two rounds of TGE , and those under item 2 above, will be added-up in the long-term operating budget of the project (item 3), which the sponsors of the project will use at their discretion.


Bonus program for the entry volume:
Bloomzed Crypto Club Referral Bonus Program:

• 3,000–5,000 of BZT tokens – 3%; 

• 5,001–10,000 of BZT tokens – 5%; 

• 10,001–15,000 of BZT tokens – 7%; 

• from 15,001 of BZT tokens and more – 10%. 

You may become a member of the referral bonus program of TGE Bloomzed Crypto Club. For details on terms and conditions please visit
Referral program


1 BZT token = 0,002 ETH
1 ETH = 500 BZT

The minimum purchase volume is 250 BZT tokens,
which is equivalent to 0.5 ETH.

What is
«Bloomzed Crypto Club»?

    «Bloomzed Crypto Club» is a closed club for those who use the Bloomzed system and are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The club can be joined by those who already use tokens and cryptocurrency as payment means, and those who only plan to do so. Participation in the club allows to get privileged conditions for using cryptocurrencies, bonuses and unique opportunities provided both by our company and by the partners of the service. The Club members are distinguished with the fact that they have membership token BZT (Bloomzed Token).

    In fact, Bloomzed Crypto Club is a loyalty system of our project aimed at stimulating interest in products related to cryptocurrencies on the part of users who use or are interested in cryptocurrency universe, blockchain and tokens. This program is aimed at involving consumers in the process of analysis, development, testing, marketing activities and social surveys. This makes participation in the club useful and interesting for its members as well as for the Bloomzed project. For active participation and involvement, users receive a number of opportunities, bonuses and privileges from the project.


01 Participation in various promotions and lotteries from our company and partner organizations.
02 The opportunity to be the first to access new features and functions of the Bloomzed project.
03 Special conditions for obtaining credit products from our partners.
04 Special conditions for the purchase of insurance products from the partner companies of the project.
05 Receiving special bonuses and discounts provided by the partners only to members of the club.
06 The Bloomzed project allocates for advertising and marketing up to 20 % of the total profit annually. These funds are used to promote and merchandise the products of our project. Up to half of the marketing budget, our company plans to invest in the issue of vouchers, which will be available to holders of BZT. Such voucher will cover up to 80 % of the total cost of the service/goods. Vouchers are distributed free of charge and are linked to the BZT token. The number of such vouchers per 1 member of the club depends on the number of the BZT tokens of this participant.
07 The opportunity to join the testing team and be the first to learn about new technologies and functions that will appear in the project, contribute to the development and improvement of favorite payment platform.
08 Club members can vote on issues associated with the use of new technologies and the addition of new functionality to the service.
09 The opportunity to participate in advertising campaigns of the Bloomzed platform.
10 The opportunity to participate in our surveys designed to improve the product and service.

We will continue to work on expanding bonuses and privileges for members of Bloomzed Crypto Club.



for individuals

  • Bloomzed mobile wallet
    for payment card

  • Bloomzed wallet
    for electronic money

  • Bloomzed
    cryptocurrency wallet

  • Payment
    by smartphone

  • Wallet for bonus
    and discount cards

  • Loans/Credits

  • Loyalty system

  • Money transfers

  • Virtual Center
    for currency exchange

  • Investments

  • Insurance

  • Mobile store

  • Tickets

  • WEB - passport

  • Personal Accountant


Business Opportunities

  • Internet and
    mobile acquiring

  • Payment
    by smartphone

  • Authorization and
    registration in one click

  • Purchase of services
    and goods in one click

  • More information
    about «WEB-passport»

  • Communication
    with clients

  • Loyalty program

  • Mobile store

  • Determination of sales
    outlet using geolocation

  • Self-service at
    the sales outlet

You may find more information about Bloomzed on

White paper

Roadmap for Bloomzed project

  • 1 quarter 2018

    Registration with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the status of an electronic money operator;.

    Launching of Bloomzed project in the limited function test mode (functions limited to card payments and transfers, e-money payments and transfers, loans, insurance) in Kazakhstan;.

    Launching of Bloomzed project in the limited function test mode (functions limited to card payments and transfers, e-money payments and transfers, loans, insurance) in Russia under partnership license of the payment organization.и.

  • 2 quarter 2018

    Obtaining the own license issued by the Russian Central Bank to operate as a settlement non-banking credit organization;

    Expanding of the system’s functional capacity in Kazakhstan and Russia (loyalty system, international money transfer, bonus and discount cards wallet, web-passport).

  • 3 quarter 2018

    Launching of the test platform for Bloomzed internal cryptocurrency wallet;

    Further expanding of the system’s functional capacity in Kazakhstan and Russia (part of the Investments section, adding-up new features to the Personal Accountant mode, elaboration of the Loans/Credits mode).

  • 4 quarter 2018

    Launching of the system in Turkey;

    Further expanding of the system’s functional capacity (adding-up the sections of Tickets, Coupons, elaboration of the loyalty system by adding-up the feature of referral cashbacks)

  • 2019 - 2020

    Entry to the market of South-East Asia

    Entry to the market of Latin America

We have managed to develop a better payment ecosystem, opening unlimited opportunities for businesses and individuals. Our Bloomzed service is a universal payment solution that can work with almost any currency thanks to an open API. It is time to improve existing solutions in the field of cryptocurrencies and provide all the broad opportunities of Bloomzed to cryptocurrency universe. 

Founder Bloomzed
Elchin Suleimanov





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